How we do it

How we do it

We provide access to health care using two methods:

Health insurance

As health insurance is subject to temporal discounting which means people’s perception of a desired result in the future is seen as less valuable than one in the present, we implement techniques of behavioral economics that combine elements of economics and psychology to convince people to get health insurance for themselves.

Raise money for health care

We raise money from affluent families to get health insurance for people who cannot be convinced to insure themselves.
We create awareness with public outreach campaigns and workshops. This has assisted us in gaining public support for our causes and influencing the rural residents’ will, who are the decision-makers. In order to foster accountability, encourage participation, and encourage ownership of our goal, it is essential to raise awareness and disseminate information. This will help people realize how crucial it is to purchase insurance for both themselves and their family.

Here’s how we do it – We talk to prosperous people in our neighboring towns and cities and put our cause in front of them. We do our homework, learn about their real interests and approach them from the perspective of their interests. We often ask them for their advice to help us out in our endeavors and most often we have witnessed how happy they have been to talk to us out, connect us with further philanthropists and give us their ideas and guidance.   

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