Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The Visionary Chiranjeevi Scheme

The Covid-19 pandemic has shined light on the importance of staying healthy and that every person should try and be covered with a health insurance. Health insurance is merely a safety cushion that saves an individual in medical emergencies by taking care of medical expenses.

The Rajasthan Government has launched Mukhyamantri Chiranjeevi Yojana scheme with an objective to offer affordable health insurance and treatment packages to economically weaker sections. Under this scheme, the Rajasthan government is providing medical insurance of Rs 5 lakh per year to every family of the state undergoing cashless treatment.

Here’s all you need to know about the scheme:

  • Under this scheme, all families belonging to the state are eligible to avail a facility of cashless treatment of up to Rs 5 lakhs.
  • The beneficiaries of the national food security act and socio-economic census 2011 are not required to register for the scheme. Their insurance premium will be borne by the state government.
  • Small and marginal farmers, contract workers and other beneficiaries can register themselves on e-Mitram an online portal. Their insurance premium will also be taken care of by the state government.
  • Apart from these categories, the rest of the families will have to pay a premium of Rs.850 per annum.
  • It is mandatory to have a Jan Aadhar number or Jan Aadhar registration receipt to apply. In the absence of a Jan Aadhar card, the person has to first complete the Jan Aadhar enrollment.
  • This scheme provides insurance coverage of Rs. 50,000 per annum for normal diseases and for serious diseases the insurance cover is Rs 4.50 lakh per annum. This amount available is for use for the entire family in a single year.
  • Mukhyamantri Chiranjeevi Swasthya Bima Yojana was started to extend the benefit of health insurance to the entire state by expanding the scope of the Ayushman Bharat-Mahatma Gandhi Rajasthan Swasthya Bima Yojana.
  • Individuals registered under this scheme can receive treatment from Government and private hospitals.
  • The insurance covers nearly 1576 medical tests and most kinds of treatments for different diseases.

Any person enlisted for the scheme can avail care for various chronic and non-chronic diseases coverage at the registered hospitals under the scheme. The hospitals cannot charge any money from the patient if they are enrolled on the Chiranjeevi scheme. The Chiranjeevi health scheme of Rajasthan is a one-of-a-kind scheme that will undoubtedly help the 82.4 million population of Rajasthan. Medical emergencies are uncertain, which can incur substantial expenses. Although coping up with the cost is challenging for most individuals, schemes such as this are truly helpful.

The Chiranjeevi health scheme has a huge potential for helping the underprivileged parts of the population of Rajasthan in availing best in class healthcare services. 

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