Health Care Schemes

Provide insurance to people in Rajasthan under schemes like the Chiranjeevi Yojana

Arogya Sanrakshan which literally means ‘protecting one’s health’ is an initiative by high school students in Jaipur to build ideas that will help underprivileged people in the state with access to healthcare schemes and keep them apprised about new schemes.

Governments everywhere strive to give their citizens access to high-quality healthcare. For the welfare of the people, it is essential to raise awareness of health-related matters, ensure a robust infrastructure, and be knowledgeable about health insurance programs in a state. The Rajasthan Government occasionally takes a number of these actions. Possessing this knowledge is crucial for both the safety and improvement of citizens.


Health Insurance






Health Care Projects

Why we do it

About 60% of the health expenditures in India are out of pocket and health expenses often end up pushing people into poverty. This happens because people are not willing to invest in insurance.  Some reasons for that can be:

Low level of literacy

People have difficulty comprehending government information

Temporal discounting

Since health insurance is something people have to pay for in the present but receive benefits in the future, it is subject to temporal discounting.

Lack of awareness

As health insurance is not mandatory in India, many people do not bother about it.

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